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Kaji's belly cast and paintings

A belly cast is a beautiful way to celebrate life and pregnancy!

Hi! My name is Kaji. I'm a painting artist and photographer. I create original, three-dimensional pieces of art from pregnant woman's forms. I paint the cast with a special meaningful design for you and your baby. Pregnancy is a precious and magical moment in the life of a woman. It's an unique keepsake, a souvenir to cherish. Immortalise your baby bump with a belly casting. It's a perfect gift for a baby shower!

  • The process
    Belly mask
    What is a belly cast?

    All you need to know about the molding, time and preparation...

  • Art
    Kaji, peinture huile
    My paintings

    Oil, acrylic and acrylic pouring

  • Gallery
    Belly casting

    Here is some photos of my creations

  • Gift certificate
    gift certificate belly cast
    An original gift!

    Perfect for a baby shower!

Who am I?
Kaji Kaji, photographe

Kaji, Artist: I'm a photographer, graphist and an artist painter! Photography is my big passion, I work with artists from the Montreal multicultural community. To know more about me, in the medias, in testimonies...